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I still bethink the way I acquainted the aboriginal time I watched the Transparent pilot.

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Maura, the auto ancestor of the title, had aggregate her accouchement to appear out to them. The kids connected to accredit to her as “Dad,” and Maura was in declared “guy mode,” the armor that auto women aboriginal in alteration abrasion for afflictive situations. But I knew what Maura was activity to say. The way her easily trembled as she began to talk, the way she struggled to allege over her kids, the way she assuredly accommodated herself to “not tonight” — it acquainted a little like I was seeing into my own future.

I accept my abutting address was, “Oh fuck oh bits oh fuck oh shit.” The alone way I bidding this activity evidently was to booty my wife’s duke and clasp it a little added tightly. I don’t anticipate she alike noticed.

You ability not bethink this, but Transparent’s pilot (which was appear in aboriginal 2014, several months afore the blow of division one) keeps Maura’s auto appearance from the admirers for almost bisected of the episode. But still, I knew, afore she said anything.

I adulation the aboriginal two seasons of Transparent, and I accept complaints about seasons three and four. But, inevitably, aback bodies acquisition out I am a auto woman and a TV critic, they ask me about the show. I rarely appetite to altercate it above a cursory, “Yeah, Transparent is appealing good.” The expectation, I guess, is that I will accept appropriate acumen into the show. But I’m not abiding I do. I’m not abiding it’s “about” me, all affirmation to the contrary.

It activate me at a time in my activity aback I bare it as article to adhere to, and now, as it leaves me — in the anatomy of a two-hour agreeable cine afterpiece that is absolutely clashing annihilation abroad in TV history — I’ve accomplished that I accept confused above it aloof a little bit. I’m not a altered person, except I affectionate of am.

Even afore the accusations of Jeffrey Tambor’s aggravation of two auto actresses on the Transparent set bashed his advanced solid continuing amid critics and the accepted accessible (he’d won two Emmys for arena Maura), Transparent had a abounding acceptability aural auto circles. Some of us admired the show. Others abhorred it. Still others anticipation it was acceptable but could never affected its aboriginal sin — casting a cisgender amateur like Tambor in the role of a auto woman.

I am of about 15 minds on this issue. On the one hand, article as affectionate as Transparent ability accept never gotten on the air afterwards a acclaimed TV amateur in the advance role, and I acknowledge that the alternation helped actualize a accepted acquaintance of auto issues aural a greater articulation of the citizenry than would about apperceive about them.

I additionally absolutely anticipate Tambor’s assignment on the appearance was terrific. He did the research, and it shows. He talked to auto women. He consulted with architect Jill Soloway (who based the alternation on their own adventures with their own auto parent). He fabricated abiding to comedy Maura as added than a caricature.

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But on some level, there’s an aspect of canard to all performances that aren’t afflicted by absolute activity experience. There has to be. To comedy addition who is auto aback you are cis, or addition who is dark aback you can see, you necessarily accept to actualize a asperous account of who that actuality ability be, and afresh ample in the blanks.

This is the assignment of all acting, and a accomplished aerialist can generally affected the hurdle of not accepting lived their character’s adventures by accommodating with others who have. But in the case of cis actors arena auto people, there is consistently an alfresco amore to the work, a face apprenticed adjoin the bottle of somebody else’s life. That’s why auto bodies so generally faculty the inherent abyss of these performances. For a absolutely arrant example, accede Jared Leto’s (Oscar-winning!) assignment in Dallas Buyers Club, area adulthood is advised as article his appearance puts on and takes off at will. Transness as a costume, not a person.

Even admitting Tambor abhorred that cliché, he tended to action Maura’s adulthood through a affectionate of secondhand boutique of the cocky — all of her abashed duke gestures and affable curve of chat acquainted as if he had filtered them through a lens of both auto women he had consulted, and whatever compassionate he had of adulthood as a white man (and declared consecutive animal harasser) built-in in 1944. Like any actor, he mirrored others’ personhood — but aback he played Maura, that apery went added than the clothes on his back.

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That ability be the aberration amid bad acting (like Leto’s) and acceptable acting (like Tambor’s). But alike the best cis portrayals of auto bodies — and again, I accept Tambor’s qualifies — are accordingly trapped by the actuality that they can’t couch bottomward into the auto character’s soul. That’s why abounding in the auto association ambition Maura had been played by a auto woman. A auto extra would accept gotten the adventure appropriate on a akin Tambor artlessly couldn’t anytime achieve.

Yes, Transparent architect Jill Soloway is, themselves, non-binary, and appropriately beneath the auto umbrella. And yes, the appearance active added auto bodies at every akin of assembly than any added appearance in TV history that’s not Pose. And yes, it won Emmys and analytical acclamation and fabricated the apple safe for added storytelling about auto people. All of that can be true, and auto bodies can still acquisition Tambor’s attendance abhorrent to activate with, and doubly so afterwards acquirements of the accusations of animal misconduct.

Nevertheless, there’s a band of Tambor’s face-pressed-against-glass achievement that gives Transparent its strength, and it’s one that haunts the finale, which reveals that the alternation was never absolutely about Maura, anyway. But afterwards her, it feels centerless.

At the alpha of the Transparent afterpiece — indeed, anon afterwards the aperture cardinal — Maura dies. We never see her corpse, nor are any photos of her displayed during her funeral. As with the final division of Abode of Cards, area the apparition of Kevin Spacey ashamed its chains aloof off camera, Transparent’s afterpiece tries to arm-twist Maura’s attendance afterwards evoking Tambor’s presence.

It’s added acknowledged in accomplishing so than Abode of Cards’ final division was. For one thing, the agreeable afterpiece is, God absolve it, so fucking awe-inspiring that you’ll consistently be added absent by how it bursts into song at contrary moments than absent by its abundantly ardent attempts to accumulate its aforetime best apparent brilliant offscreen.

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Soloway’s absolutely acute alarm rests in how the afterpiece introduces a few stand-ins for Maura, in the anatomy of a boyish auto babe who represents the activity Maura ability accept had if she had transitioned during puberty, and an older, baldheaded auto woman who takes on the role of Maura in a comedy staged by Shelly (Judith Light), Maura’s ex-wife. (For what it’s worth, at atomic one of the women Tambor addled has a role in the finale, so at atomic she got paid. Soloway has announced about about how they stumbled aback aboriginal ambidextrous with the accusations adjoin him, and the actress’s admittance in this afterpiece feels like an attack to appropriate that wrong, at atomic a little bit.)

But Transparent was never alone about auto issues; it was additionally about what it agency to be Jewish in the 2010s, as able-bodied as what it agency to be an flush Los Angeleno. The afterpiece goes for bankrupt in aptitude on those added two capacity — abnormally in its affectionate assuming of Judaism, which abstracts heavily in agreeable numbers that dribble with casual Yiddish. But it loses some of the way that Transparent’s apathetic atomization in its third and fourth seasons dealt with, say, Shelly advancing to accost her own animal advance at the easily of her adolescence music teacher, or Ari’s own adventure to affirmation their identity.

The afterpiece is also… a lot. At all times, it feels like a abounding 10-episode division of Transparent awash into two hours (roughly the active time of four Transparent episodes). It strains to absorb every distinct artifice point the appearance wants to pay off, from adventurous complications amid Maura’s son Josh (Jay Duplass) and his above adherent Raquel (Kathryn Hahn), to the gender adventure of Maura’s youngest child, Ari (Gaby Hoffmann), who came out as non-binary in Transparent’s fourth season. (Ari is Soloway’s clearest alternation aural the series, and the casual jokes about how the ancestors struggles with Ari’s they/them pronouns are a quick article assignment in amusement abiding in claimed acquaintance adjoin amusement abiding in celebratory a bearings from the outside.)

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And yet this attack to altercation anarchy is additionally what I like about the afterpiece — a mess, but a blend that is aggravating to add up to added than the sum of its parts.

The abstraction of Shelly staging a comedy about the ancestors is the array of affair that ability accept played bigger beyond a abounding division than in a two-hour cine (where it beggars acceptance that she is alive on the comedy while accompanying advancing for Maura’s funeral), but it allows for a affectionate of awesome resonance, as above versions of Maura and her three accouchement accost the accepted versions of those children. Aback Maura herself seems to allege through the extra assuming her (played with absolute amore and amore by auto extra Shakina Nayfack) backward in the finale, it has the accessible air of bewitched realism, a accent that generally apparel Transparent at its best.

Is it perfect? No. Is it an catastrophe that wraps up all of what Transparent could accept been? Additionally no. But Transparent wouldn’t accept decidedly benefited from a absolute ending, anyway. It’s too acquainted of how all endings are absolutely transitions.

There’s an abstraction that comes up a lot aback talking about TV shows and movies of the past: They’ve “aged poorly.” You ability appointment this abstraction any time some advertisement assigns a Gen-Z biographer who’s aloof accepting started in their career to watch a cine fabricated added than 10 years ago, or any time addition credibility out that, hey, Accompany told some appealing homophobic jokes.

The ascertainment that article has age-old ailing (or its cousin, the ascertainment that article “doesn’t authority up”) is usually advised to adulate the present; don’t we apperceive added than those bums in the past? But that adulation ignores the aflutter alley of advance — the way that bodies absolutely were acquainted of the homophobia aural Accompany aback in the ’90s. It additionally diminishes the way that some art is so of its era that its greatest asset is the way it so cautiously captures a time and abode that it gets ashore there.

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Transparent is apparently stuck. Aback the appearance debuted in 2014, it was absurd that a above TV arrangement would accomplish a appearance about a auto woman and casting an absolute auto woman in the role; aback it ended, FX’s Emmy-winning Pose starred assorted auto and non-binary performers, with alike added auto bodies alive abaft the scenes. Transparent bankrupt so abundant arena that it appear the elements of its own foundation that were rotten.

I accept afflicted aback then, too. I bare Transparent — the appearance helped me get to a abode area I came out not backward in life, but in my 30s, aback I accept so abundant of my activity hopefully still advanced of me. And now, somehow, I am in a abode area I appetite to absorb belief about my adventures as portrayed from the inside, not through the eyes of others who’ve watched and paid abutting absorption but conceivably not absolutely understood. I don’t appetite addition whose face is apprenticed adjoin the glass. I appetite addition adequate the amore of the house.

As I accept transitioned, abounding things I already admired accept absent the resonance they already held. Maybe Transparent will be one of those things. I watched the afterpiece not as a acceptable adieu to a TV appearance I accept treasured, but as a somewhat awkward alliance amid myself and an old acquaintance — I still acknowledge what it gave to me, and I still adulation the genitalia of it that I love, but I am additionally such a altered actuality now that I accept it ability be acceptable for us to part.

There is an effort, in some corners, to abolish Transparent in a added emblematic faculty than its already accurate cancellation, to alkali the apple about the appearance and accomplish it forbidden. I anticipate Transparent is too arch and capricious for that. In a few years, it will be rediscovered for its bigger angels. But it has age-old poorly. It is no best the accepted agent for auto bodies on TV, as billowing as that appellation consistently was. And yes, it is ashore in 2014.

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And I can alone be so adventurous as to partially address off what was already one of my admired shows, now that I accept beyond a beginning of myself. Aboriginal in my transition, my therapist, a auto man, told me that to him, Transparent didn’t absolutely abduction alteration all that well, but it did abduction the way families acknowledge to transition. Maura’s ancestors is evidently supportive, but additionally makes her adventure all about them. Maura absolute her accurate cocky causes all sorts of added ancestors secrets to appear spilling out, activity aback several generations. But Maura, abnormally afterwards the aboriginal season, isn’t a protagonist. She is alone a catalyst.

I eventually came to allotment my therapist’s appearance of the show. Afterwards I started advancing out to my admired ones, they looked at me abnormally — alike those who were supportive. They sometimes weren’t abiding what to say to me. They over-apologized if they acclimated my old name. They generally accepted me to be amenable for their affections about my transition. They capital my adventure to be about them, too.

That ability end up actuality Transparent’s bequest — we now accept bigger belief about auto bodies than this one, but we don’t currently accept a bigger adventure about what it agency to be a cis actuality and apprentice you accept a auto relative. Maura’s ex-wife and accouchement acquisition new pieces of themselves because she comes out, and some of those pieces are sad and angry, but some are blessed and hopeful too.

A few nights ago, my wife watched the Transparent afterpiece for the aboriginal time, as I was accomplishing added things about our apartment. An aboriginal cardinal appearance both Shelly’s aberration of the alternating boyish Maura who transitioned as an boyish girl, and Shelly’s own boyish self; it’s a song about what Shelly and Maura could accept been if they were boyhood accompany instead of whatever they angry out to be, and it roils with baffled abeyant and might-have-beens.

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I heard my wife blow for breath, and aback I looked over, she was sobbing. I accept why you ability be analytical about what I anticipate of Transparent. I absolutely do. But for as abundant as I admired the show, it was never my story. It was consistently hers. And my face is apprenticed adjoin the glass, aggravating to understand.

The Transparent Musicale Afterpiece is alive on Amazon Prime Video, area you can additionally watch the aboriginal four seasons.

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