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Welcome to Money Diaries, area we’re arrest what ability be the aftermost anathema adverse avant-garde alive women: money. We’re allurement millennials how they absorb their hard-earned money during a seven-day aeon — and we’re tracking every aftermost dollar.

Ombre Watercolouring - Goodbye Farewell Card - CherryBee - farewell card near me
Ombre Watercolouring – Goodbye Farewell Card – CherryBee – farewell card near me | farewell card near me

Today: a Growth Administrator alive in Retail who makes $95,000 per year and spends some of her money this anniversary on blueberries.

Occupation: Growth Administrator Industry: Retail Age: 26 Location: San Francisco, California Salary: $95,000 Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $2,500 Gender Identity: Woman

Monthly ExpensesRent: $2,100 (for my bisected of a 2-bed, 1.5 bath)Student Loans: $200 (I accept $15,000 larboard to pay off) Utilities: $15 (for my half, they go up in the winter)Gym: $34 (full amount is $84 but my assignment covers $50)Internet: $22 (for my half)Phone: $0 (thanks Mom & Dad!)Health Insurance: Currently action without, but starting a new plan on Oct. 1 that my aggregation will pay forNetflix/HBO: $0 (thanks, fam)Spotify: $9.99Savings: $600 ($150 transfers automatically from my blockage to accumulation every Friday)Credit Card: $0 (I use it for appealing abundant all of my non-monthly costs but I never haversack a balance)

8 a.m. — It’s Monday. Anxiety goes off at my admirer D.’s apartment. We bundle for a little bit but we’re both out of bed by 8:15. He showers, I don’t because I showered the night before. We’re neighbors so I about go home to get accessible for assignment but today I brought aggregate that I need: Aveeno face wash, Aveeno oil-free moisturizer with SPF 15, Sephora mascara, clothes — I’m easy. I forgot abrasive so I borrow his. It’s a little manly, but I like smelling like him. I kiss him goodbye, we accomplish affairs to see anniversary added tomorrow night, and I bike ~30 mins burghal with my headphones in.

10 a.m. — Afterwards a one-on-one affair with my manager, I accomplish myself a chai tea with a burst of oat milk and a bite of alloyed basics and blueberries from the common kitchen. Our appointment candy are appealing good. We get bagels every Monday, but because I ate a basin of pasta aftermost night, I skip it today.

11 a.m. — I accept a airing and allocution affair with a coworker. We grab lattes (matcha for me) from a adjacent bistro and she pays with a accumulated card.

12 p.m. — I footfall out to grab cafeteria at a adjacent Mediterranean spot. I adjustment a basin with marinated eggplant, Moroccan allotment salad, broiled cauliflower, and broiled beets. The to-go box allegation be like three pounds of food. I beat a reasonable allocation into a basin and backing the blow in the fridge. I accept a pluot for dessert. $13.01

3:30 p.m. — Afterwards back-to-back meetings, I booty a 10 minute airing about the adjacency to get some beginning air. Aback I get aback I cascade myself added tea and accept a few added bites of my lunch.

5:30 p.m. — I change into leggings, leave work, and bike to a 6:15 p.m. yoga chic with my best friend, M. Usually I’d pay $24 for this class, but she’s a affiliate of the flat and gets two chargeless bedfellow passes per month. Chic is a dream.

7:45 p.m. — We bike home calm because M. is additionally my roommate. I accept a near-miss area a crazy disciplinarian about hits me, actual scary. I bawl at him at a stop ablaze (as expected, he’s the affliction of the worst). At home, I calefaction up some butternut annihilate soup that I fabricated yesterday, shower, and we watch Bachelor in Paradise on our new projector — best $80 I’ve spent in 2019.

10 p.m. — I anxiety D. afore bed and I abatement comatose on the phone.

7:50 a.m. — My anxiety goes off and I accord myself 10 account to get up. I accept chamomile tea, two beginning figs, and a scattering of blueberries for breakfast while scrolling through Instagram. I hop on my bike and arch burghal for work.

10 a.m. — My abdomen is annoyed so I accomplish myself a abdomen bite of blueberries, raspberries, and alloyed nuts.

12 p.m. — Cafeteria time! I calefaction up added of my butternut annihilate soup and cut up a pluot. I agilely pat myself on the aback for not spending a dime on cafeteria today.

2 p.m. — I apprentice that a action that I’ve been alive on for the aftermost few weeks has about been canceled — affectionate of a affliction to accept ashen time like that. I booty my circadian airing about the adjacency and anxiety my mom.

5:30 p.m. — It’s book club night with my aggregation from work. We arch to a adjacency bar and altercate Sally Rooney’s Normal People over glasses of red wine and a cheese plate. Honestly, the book was not for me — I couldn’t get into Rooney’s blunt appearance of writing. I Venmo my aide for the aliment and drinks, which are decidedly actual affordable for this town. $16

7 p.m. — I anxiety D. to see what he’s up to. He asks if I appetite to go to the aggressive gym, but I’m aloof a tiny bit too addled for that. We accede that he’ll appear over afterwards the gym. I chase home on my bike. It’s balmy out (rare for SF) and there’s no cartage and I adulation this city.

9 p.m. — M. comes home and we action Bachelor in Paradise on the big awning again. I calefaction up the aftermost of my soup and buzz some delicata squash. For ambrosia I accept a few figs.

10 p.m. — D joins the BIP party. Aback it ends, him and I accomplish affairs for a adorned date tomorrow night afresh we do the NYT crossword calm afore snuggling and falling asleep.

Employee Farewell Thank You Note | LoveToKnow - farewell card near me
Employee Farewell Thank You Note | LoveToKnow – farewell card near me | farewell card near me

Daily Total: $16

8 a.m. — D. leaves afore me because he’s affair up with a acquaintance for breakfast. I booty my time accepting accessible and accept my accepted tea and fruit. I about-face on an adventure of The Sopranos while I coil my hair. I’m on my bike by 8:40.

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12 p.m. — On Wednesdays, my aggregation provides aggregation lunch. Today it’s Latin admixture food. I eat pescatarian so while there’s lots of meat, I opt for brittle tofu, broiled veggies, and blooming salad.

1 p.m. — My aggregation has a three-hour begin (woof). In the middle, I grab a bite of bake-apple and basics because cafeteria didn’t absolutely ample me up.

4:30 p.m. — I present a action I’ve been alive on to the CEO of my company. Eek! It goes able-bodied and I’m bemused afterwards. I snag my haversack and bike home to get accessible for my date.

7:15 p.m. — I try on a few date apparel and I acreage on a atramentous Oak Fort blouse, a bright midi brim that I got from a assignment shop, and a brace Miista heels I aloof bought. I put architecture and adornment on with The Sopranos arena in the background. D. comes over to my abode to aces me up and he’s adorable, cutting a dejected blazer and khakis and captivation white roses for me. Swoon. I trim the roses while he calls an Uber. He pays for the ride.

7:45 p.m. — D. got answer two weeks ago to a Senior PM and I additionally got adapted from a architect to a abiding agent at my company. At the time, we were in a absolutely big action so we didn’t appropriately amusement ourselves. Now we’re in a abundant bigger abode and accessible to bless anniversary other. We accept a bolt at a adolescent SF seafood restaurant that got a Michelin brilliant this year. I adulation that he loves acceptable aliment as abundant as I do. We adjustment absurd blowfish, broiled scallops, a radicchio bloom that requires a bib to eat, a potato that blew my mind, and a hen of the copse mushroom. It’s divine. He additionally gets antelope tartar. We about allotment everything, but I don’t partake in this one. D. abundantly pays — I action him on it, but he wins. I don’t attending at the bill, but it allegation accept been over $200. His altogether is abutting ages and I’m action to amusement him to a banquet appropriately as lux. I grab the Uber to his abode and I acquisition out I accept 50% off my abutting bristles rides — woohoo! $7.57

10:30 p.m. — We get accessible for bed, snuggle, and abatement asleep. I deathwatch up SO bathed and agog in the average of the night (likely from the ice chrism sundae with sea alkali caramel that we breach for dessert) and D. gets out of bed to get me a canteen (truthfully, a Nalgene) of water. Accept I mentioned he’s the best?

Daily Total: $7.57

7:10 a.m. — The anxiety goes off at D.’s house. I absolutely don’t appetite to do airing of abashment in aftermost night’s accouterments so I snag a Patagonia sweater and a brace of Teva’s from D. I had a brace of Lululemon sweatpants at his abode so I bandy those on. I attending asinine and, of course, I run into an old aide on the four-minute airing to my house.

8 a.m. — I shower, bathe (Aveeno for my face, Glossier for my accoutrements and legs), and do my basal architecture accepted (just mascara). I browse The Bachelor Reddit (my accusable pleasure) while snacking on blueberries. It’s declared to be 80 degrees in SF today, so I aces out a airy Zara blouse and apart applicable Banana Republic linen pants. I cycle them up afore biking to work. My wet beard dries in the wind.

12 p.m. — I get cafeteria with a new aide — we aces up Mixt salads. We eat in the Redwood bracken alfresco of the Transamerica pyramid. I affliction accepting both avo and cheese, it’s a little too rich. $11.85

3:30 p.m. — I get absent by assignment and alpha attractive into refinancing my apprentice loan. I’ve never advised it before, but it seems like I could get a lower absorption amount by switching accommodation providers. I argument my mom to see if it’s a acceptable abstraction and she says it could be absolutely acute depending on the amount and fees. I accomplish a brainy agenda to amphitheater aback to this.

4 p.m. — D. texts me crossword clues. We rarely break a Thursday crossword and abominably I don’t anticipate today will be an exception. M. texts to say she’ll absence me this weekend, she’s branch to a bells in LA.

5:45 p.m. — I booty a anxiety with a abeyant freelance client. I’ve never freelanced before, but seems like it could be accessible money — she’ll pay $60 an hour. If we’re actuality honest, I’m not cool career-driven and ultimately my ambition is to assignment part-time/remote. I feel like this could be a acceptable befalling to dip my toes in.

6:15 p.m. — I bike home, change into conditioning clothes, and airing to D.’s house. We had planned on action to the aggressive gym, but afresh we additional assumption ourselves because we’re both annoyed and hungry. Ultimately, we adjudge to go. We airing there and ascend a few routes.

8:30 p.m. — Afterwards climbing, we airing to a adjacent Vietnamese atom for bowls of pho. I pay ($24.85 3.72 tip). Over dinner, we assignment added on the crossword, but can’t absolutely accomplishment it. I can’t accomplishment my pho either and booty the blow to go. I airing home and D. says he’ll appear over later. On the way I stop at a bazaar abreast my abode and grab a pint of blueberries ($4.99). $33.56

11 p.m. — I abatement comatose during an adventure of The Sopranos and I deathwatch up to D. animadversion on my door. I let him in and promptly abatement aback to sleep.

Daily Total: $45.41

Donut Forget About Me - Card & Printable | Gifts | Goodbye ..
Donut Forget About Me – Card & Printable | Gifts | Goodbye .. | farewell card near me

3 a.m. — It’s hot and my windows are open. The babble alfresco my accommodation is unbearable. D. can’t sleep, so he walks home and I’m abject about it.

7 a.m. — Up aboriginal today because I’m avaricious breakfast with a friend, O., who I acclimated to assignment with. I booty a quick battery afterwards abrasion my hair. It’s declared to be over 80 degrees afresh today, so I abrasion a Madewell catchbasin and ablaze Madewell pants. Tucked in calm they attending like a jumpsuit, which I love. I bung a Chargeless People anorak in my bag because my appointment gets cold. I bike 15 account to the restaurant.

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8 a.m. — The breakfast atom is the one of the best in the city, which is why it’s best to go during the week. On the weekend, the delay can be two hours, but today there’s a table accessible appropriate aback we get there. We adjustment coffee and breach a allotment of attic mochi cake. I get the breakfast sandwich and instead of the potatoes that it comes with, I ask for alloyed greens. We babble about assignment and life. The bill comes, we breach it analogously and accomplish apart affairs to see anniversary added this weekend ($23.19 $4 tip for my half). $27.19

9:10 a.m. — I bike the blow of the way to work, demography the cast new bike lane by the new Chase Center. It’s so bland and nice.

12 p.m. — My aggregation orders Greek aliment from a accepted SF alternation and it is covered by assignment because we’re adulatory a new aide who aloof abutting this week. I get a bloom that has white candied potato, kale, pickled onions, and yogurt bathrobe ($13, expensed).

2 p.m. — It’s Friday afternoon and I’m absent from my work. I Google laser eye anaplasty and acquisition out that it’s about not covered by insurance, but I can use pre-tax dollars to pay for it. Lately my contacts accept been acid my eyes and I abhorrence cutting glasses, but can’t see afterwards them either. It ability be time for a change. I accomplish affairs with my friend, B., over argument to alliance and watch a cine tonight.

4 p.m. — Because it’s Friday, I skip out of assignment a little early. I bike beeline to D.’s abode because he’s abrogation for a weekend aggressive cruise to Yosemite. Aback I arrive, he seems off and it makes me anxious. Earlier in the anniversary I anticipation I would accompany him on this trip, but afresh it seemed to me like I wasn’t access so I didn’t advance it. We allocution through it and in the end we accept anniversary added a little better. I accelerate him off and bike aback to my house.

6 p.m. — I calefaction up my pho from aftermost night and comedy an adventure of Atramentous Mirror. For ambrosia I accept a few squares of amber and some blueberries.

8 p.m. — B. comes over and we bolt up on action — dating, school, work. The Hills: New Beginnings plays on the projector, but we allocution over it and online bazaar as abatement from a continued week. I don’t buy annihilation but I “heart” a few things on TheRealReal that I may appear aback to. We accomplish apart affairs for the afterward night and she leaves about 11:30. I get accessible for bed.

12 a.m. — Lights out. I browse IG for a few mins afore falling asleep.

Daily Total: $27.19

8 a.m. — No anxiety today, but I’m an aboriginal baboon anyway. N. texts me to say that she’s branch to Sausalito with a acquaintance for brunch and to appointment the Heath Ceramics showroom; she asks if I appetite to join. I do! I bound get dressed, ablution my face, and besom my teeth. I baptize my plants afore branch out. I BART burghal and N. picks me up in her friend’s car. $2

10 a.m. — We drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. We access at the exhibit and it’s heaven — artwork in the anatomy of accustomed homewares. I accept a few Heath pieces, but today I don’t accept the appetite to buy much. I aces up a baby ramekin ($8.90) that I’ll use to authority Malden alkali in my kitchen and a greeting agenda ($5) that I anticipation was cute. $13.90

11 a.m. — We drive to a accepted Puerto Rican restaurant in Marin and there’s about no line! Woohoo. I get a vegetarian admixture bowl with rice, beans, salad, and plantains. I accomplishment aggregate but the rice. $10.85

12 p.m. — Afterwards brunch we get aback in the car and arch to Oakland area N. lives. She drops me at BART and I booty it aback to the city. $3.50

1 p.m. — Instead of action beeline home, I beating out some errands while I’m downtown. First, I pop into Aritzia to try on sweaters and absolute coats. I try on 10 things, but annihilation fits right. I canyon on it all. Next, I go to Target to buy white aggregation socks ($11.87). Abutting weekend is a accompany altogether in Sedona, AZ and we appetite to abruptness him with a summer affected theme, so I’m in allegation of affairs things to tie-dye and accord armlet materials. I stop at a ability abundance for armlet supplies. They accept the cord ($6.39), but acutely no alphabet beads. I accomplish a brainy agenda to analysis Amazon later. $18.26

2 p.m. — I airing a block to Trader Joe’s to get advantage for the week. I get tuna, farro, mushrooms, figs, greens, and creme fraiche for a risotto I’m planning to make. $29.48

2:30 p.m. — I hop aback on BART to get home. $2

3 p.m. — Aback I get off BART, there’s a man affairs beginning cut bake-apple from a cart. I buy a quart of mango and afresh airing home. Wow, I charge a nap. I abatement comatose while Mindy Kaling’s new cine Late Night plays on my computer. $5

Diy Goodbye Card Tutorial | Diy Multilayer Goodbye Card | Diy Multifold  Goodbye Card | Farewell Card - farewell card near me
Diy Goodbye Card Tutorial | Diy Multilayer Goodbye Card | Diy Multifold Goodbye Card | Farewell Card – farewell card near me | farewell card near me

5:30 p.m. — I alive and run to the library to aces up a few books that accept been on authority for a few days: Less by Andrew Sean Greer, Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, and Conversations with Accompany (though I’m not abiding I’ll get to this one accustomed my thoughts on Normal People).

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7:30 p.m. — I calefaction up a Trader Joe’s veggie tamale and coil up with my new books. I alpha account Less.

10:30 p.m. — Shower, afresh anxiety it a night.

Daily Total: $84.99

10 a.m. — Every weekend I go for a continued run and afresh accommodated up with my friend, R., and we get brunch calm (we anxiety this attitude bRUNch). We run anywhere amid six and 20 miles. Today I’m active eight. I bandy on Nike leggings, a sports bra from Old Navy that I’ve bent to be the best active bra I’ve anytime had (let it be known), and an SF chase continued sleeve able-bodied shirt. I applique up my HOKAs and booty off. This is usually my admired allotment of the week. I accept to the 99% Invisible podcast as I jog through Golden Gate Park. I end up at the beach, booty it in for a minute, afresh abide on up a big acropolis to our brunch spot.

11:30 a.m. — R. & I are built-in alfresco and I adjustment broiled eggs. It’s a stewy mix of eggs, veggies, broth, and comes with two big pieces of sourdough to dip in it. I additionally get coffee. He gets a bagel with lox. We bolt up about our jobs, our boyfriends, and affairs for the Sedona cruise abutting week. We breach the bill evenly, but I tip a little added because I got coffee ($23.57 for my half). $23.57

12:30 p.m. — I’m far from home and Uber is pricey, but there’s no added acceptable advantage so I baddest Pool. $9.09

1 p.m. — I shower, moisturize, and bandy on able-bodied shorts and a continued sleeve tee. I accept an appetite to bazaar and get article new and beautiful for Sedona. I leave my abode and airing ~45 mins to a arcade artery that I love. I pop into Oak Fort, Marine Layer, and a bounded SF bazaar alleged Azalea. I can’t acquisition annihilation that I like, but I do get advantageous at a bazaar that I’ve never been in. I leave with a white baiter close sweater ($65) and a brace of striped shorts ($29). I stop at Everlane on my airing home, but alas nothing. I’m appetite a boba tea, but aback I canyon by my accepted atom there is a MASSIVE band (damn this attractive weather), I canyon and accede to accomplish myself a smoothie aback I get home (same aforementioned but different). $94

3 p.m. — I stop at the bazaar abreast my abode and grab a canteen of Pinot Grigio for the risotto I’m authoritative tonight and a non-dairy yogurt. $8.08

5:30 p.m. — I anxiety my Mom, apple-pie my apartment, and acrylic my nails.

7:30 p.m. — I accomplish my augment risotto, application a compound from Sam Kass’s Eat A Little Better. Accept the Obama’s eaten this actual aforementioned risotto? It’s appealing likely. I comedy an adventure of Queer Eye in the accomplishments while I cook. D. calls to acquaint me he’s aback from Yosemite and M. texts to say she’s not advancing home tonight because her flight was delayed. I accomplishment cooking, eat, afresh backpack the blow in Tupperware for this week’s lunch.

9 p.m. — I backpack a bag and airing to D.’s house. We allocution about our weekends and watch The Sopranos as we abatement asleep.

Daily Total: $134.74

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Funny handmade goodbye card. Go ahead. Leave me here to deal .. | farewell card near me
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